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Long Time No Post

Howdy, my beloved blog ?. It has been so long time for posting my random thought back here. It’s around four months I did not post anything. You know, I’ve been overstepping my last four months fabulously. Start from ending my PKL assigntment, beginning my third semester, living in a new flat, etc. The most important from those all is getting a new wish and hope. Yap, by getting a new wish and hope it such refill my energy to encounter all stuffs that would appear in my life.

To Be Continued . . . .

Welcome to The New Age : 20th


“Twenty years ago, a baby was born in the city of one-horn rhino. On that day, all of people were waiting worriedly. Waiting for the birth of a little pure baby. For the sake of rolling time, nowadays, that little baby has grown becoming a young man. A young man who keep struggling to reach his dreams.”

Until now, I still have a feeling that I’m lack of preparation facing this kind of period. I still feel that I’m trapped on my teenager zone. Moreover sometimes I felt that I’m childish. But, what could I do ?. I couldn’t stop the time for rolling. I had no authority for slowing the time. All I can do is just letting the time keep rolling. And all I need to do is adapting myself in every single second passed by. So, at the moment I’m trying to fit and fix all the things that I had with this kind of new age. Start from my mind, body, and soul.

I knew that its not as easy as I write this written. But I have to pass through this phase.Greatly.

Herewith, I wanna say a Special thanks toward Allah SWT who has given me this new age; I wish I can keep this mandate nicely. Then, I wanna say thanks a million toward all my family, who have given me uncountable support and pray so that I could pass this life voluptuously. Also, I wanna say thanks for all of my friends who have coloring my life with your all stories, jokes, laughs, and insights ; I wish that our brotherhood will always stand firmly until we getting old together.

I do realize that I need to change several sides of me in order to fit myself with this new circumstance. I have to be more mature in attitude, words, and behavior. I have to be more diligent in passing through every single day of my life. I have to be more useful in every place that I step on. Etc.

And I also aware that I don’t need to eliminate and remove my childish, adolescent or another characteristic completely, I think that I still need this kind of stuffs in certain time and spot. All I have to do is empowering my self-control to dominate myself with positive characteristics. Because no one perfect in this entire world. 🙂


“Oh if I could turn back time rewind, I would repair all of my faults, and avoid the foolish things that I ever did in the past.”


There are so many things, stuffs, and experiences that I went trough ‘till now. But still, there are so many things that should be changed inside myself. Becoming a better person in every single day start from this second.*** :’)

Banjarnegara, 5th June 2014.


A Great Reminiscence at Cisarua : The Magnificent 7. #Prajab

Dipo Hall, Thursday, 27th March 2014

There was something different with the class that Thursday; The placement of chairs, The feeling of class occupants, and The agenda of that day. EXAMINATION. The clock was ticking and showing 7.30 am, the class was completed. Some of students were busy of reviewing a lot of matters. Some of students were chatting each other. And another flew with their own bustles. I just could sit quietly and looking around, Enjoying the last chapter of staying at classroom. Ya, that day is the last day where The Magnificent 7 staying in one class together. What is The Magnificent 7 you may ask ?. So, The Magnificent 7 is a nickname that I made for my new family. This family was formed when we were joining the training and education of prajabatan program on 9 – 28 March 2014. In Green Village, Cisarua, Bogor. We gathered in the seven group, by this group, I got many new points of view, a lot of new experiences, gigantic wisdoms, lessons, new friends, and new FAMILY. In other way, we also were success being the winner of Yell Championship and the best group with the most numerous gratified scores. It was so contented being the part of this fam. Thats why, I called this family with The Magnificent 7. 😀

The examination was started at 8 am and finished at 10 am we only need approximately two hours for filling the question papers. While having exam, the atmosphere of class was so quiet, silent, and clear. Fortunately, no one went into the dreams realm ( red : Slumber ) when having exam, unlike a few days before when we still studying together with the teachers. The Exam was done, two hours was over. The Exam was ended at 10 am exactly. Soon after that, the class was so noisy. Yeah, it was coming back to normal level. The chatting continued, we were having coffee break, and ‘Capturing pictures was began’. Start from selfie until snapshot, photo of contingent, class, organization, etc. The blitz flashing in every corner. Every single pose exhibited, from photogenic, epic, exotic, then coming to “alay”. We were just like models and being photographer commutating. The class turned into a massal photo studio only in seconds. All of them collide into one. In the name of NARSISISM. (Including me without the exception). xD

Today, I just pretty much miss that moment. It’s almost one month left since that EXAM done. Sometime, I was imagining we were gathering in tea garden doing “A ‘dumb’ Truth or Dare Game”. Which our admired objects were known by others. LOL xD.

In this ocassion, I’m just able to write a very short story about our togetherness. Actually, I want to share more. But I realized that our moments were so much many. Probably in another opportunity I will share more our great moment. I hope we could do gather together oneday, somewhere and somehow.


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