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Pesona Banjarnegara : Banjarnegara Enchantment ( Chapter one )

It has been seven months I reside in Banjarnegara. It just extremely felt so fast. I just felt that yesterday I was on my very first flight journey from Soekarno-Hatta toward Adi Sutjipto Airport, then traveled to Banjarnegara from Yogyakarta. During flight, I was enjoying the scenery of earth surface from above, Seeing clouds from the nearest gap, Flying over Java Island about one hour, And feeling the taste of its Taking off also Landing. I just felt that yesterday I was riding a metal bird for the first time, even in the short distance based on flight dimension. That was my great historical experience, however, That was seven months ago. At the moment, I’m on my way carrying my daily job and activity out. And counting the time down toward “going-home day” which is getting closer. You know, The time would be rolling terribly so fast indeed when we ain’t notice it at all.

It has been seven months I reside in Banjarnegara. It means I just have approximately one month more to stay here. I have one month remain to accomplish the assignment of “On the Job Training” from my campus. Its going to be ended soon. Along this seven months I have exceeded so many things and stuffs. Many stories I wrote, and many experiences I got here. About new surroundings, new job, new activity, new habitual, new environment, new problem, and another something new. But, even its getting closer to the end of the time. It looks that I have already felt quite comfort here. it such a feel at home. How can’t I feel at home here, this place provide impressive pleasant sense in every single dimension. start from its tourism, culinary, peoples, culture, realm, until its weather. So that, I almost didn’t feel that I was on my way executing an assignment, It is more like I was on my way enjoying my long holiday. LOL. You know, this place is an exact choice for spending holiday as one as you could get.

Unhappily, insofar seven months, I have not posted any written about this charming city yet. It is a little bit regrettable, though. The good news is it won’t be no longer regrettable ‘cause in this posting I’m going to explain abit ‘bout the place where I step on right now : Banjarnegara.

Let’s Start !!! 🙂

So, once you open a map or an atlas. You’ll find this city located in the most over populated Island of Indonesia. Yes, that is Java Island. It exists at the center of Central Java Province. This city comprised of twenty subdistrict. Coincidentally, I stay in Banjarmangu subdistrict. Banjarnegara lies among Wonosobo at eastern, Purbalingga at Western, Pekalongan at Northern, and Kebumen at southern.


Left : Map of Banjarnegara. Right : Map of Banjarnegara Subdistrict detail

It has 1.069,71 km2 in area. Lived approximately with 857 peoples/km2. And more than 65% of its area placed between altitude of 100 – 1000 m above mean sea level which engendering kinda cool and fresh weather on its average. This is one of reason why do I feel at home in this new place, the weather is so friendly and fresh. Even sometimes I used to wear excessive sweater due to weather alteration from fresh turned into freezing when its rainny. Nevertheless, it brought me to another kinda gratify sensation of dealing with coldness.

One of major factor which caused Banjarnegara covered by a fresh and pleasant environment is because it has wide green fertile nature which intensely protected by its regional government and society.

Dewy chilly weather at Banjarmangu, Banjarnegara. ( Its extremly decreasing visibility )

Dewy chilly weather at Banjarmangu, Banjarnegara. ( Its extremly decreasing visibility )

That’s why, one of huge workforce share of economic sector of this city is agriculture and plantation. Its important for you to know that Banjarnegara well known as center of snake-fruit plantation in Central Java. The type of Snake-fruit which is planted here is “Pondoh Snake-fruit”, that one of delicious, sweet, and tasty Snake-fruit type. This plantation concentrated in four subdistricts of Banjarnegara, they are Banjarmangu, Madukara, Sigaluh, and Pagedongan. You might be easily find snake-fruit estate along side of the four subdistricts road. Meanwhile, Snake-fruit plantation exist in a small number upon another fifteen subdistricts.

Left : Snake-fruit cling to its tree. Right : Harvested Snake-fruit

Left : Snake-fruit cling to its tree. Right : Harvested Snake-fruit

Another pose of Snake-fruit :)

Another pose of Snake-fruit 🙂

Now, I wanna tell you about the culinary of this place. Do you ever consume “Dawet Ayu” beverage ?. Do you know where this beverage come from ?. Anyone knows ?. You bet, its originally hails from Banjarnegara. So, What is Dawet Ayu you may ask ?. Dawet Ayu is a typical tradisional beverage which originally born in Banjarnegara. well, Dawet Ayu is made from “cendol” that created from flour with natural pandan and suji leaves. Suji leaves give green color to the cendol dominantly, meanwhile pandan leaves produce nice aroma for the cendol. The cendol itself has worm-formed in shape. Then, mixed with coconut milk water and liquid brown sugar. Plus a chunk of ice cube. It is best served in a warm sunny day. YUMMY !!!. 😀

Left : Dawet Ayu seller Cart. Right : A Glass of Dawet Ayu

Left : Dawet Ayu seller Cart. Right : A Glass of Dawet Ayu

Finally, this is the end part of “Banjarnegara Enchantment” Posting. There are still many stuffs that I want to share more about this wonderful city. Yet, I’ll share it in the next posting of Chapter Two.

Last but not least, LET’S VISIT BANJARNEGARA !!! 🙂    🙂    🙂

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