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Welcome to The New Age : 20th


“Twenty years ago, a baby was born in the city of one-horn rhino. On that day, all of people were waiting worriedly. Waiting for the birth of a little pure baby. For the sake of rolling time, nowadays, that little baby has grown becoming a young man. A young man who keep struggling to reach his dreams.”

Until now, I still have a feeling that I’m lack of preparation facing this kind of period. I still feel that I’m trapped on my teenager zone. Moreover sometimes I felt that I’m childish. But, what could I do ?. I couldn’t stop the time for rolling. I had no authority for slowing the time. All I can do is just letting the time keep rolling. And all I need to do is adapting myself in every single second passed by. So, at the moment I’m trying to fit and fix all the things that I had with this kind of new age. Start from my mind, body, and soul.

I knew that its not as easy as I write this written. But I have to pass through this phase.Greatly.

Herewith, I wanna say a Special thanks toward Allah SWT who has given me this new age; I wish I can keep this mandate nicely. Then, I wanna say thanks a million toward all my family, who have given me uncountable support and pray so that I could pass this life voluptuously. Also, I wanna say thanks for all of my friends who have coloring my life with your all stories, jokes, laughs, and insights ; I wish that our brotherhood will always stand firmly until we getting old together.

I do realize that I need to change several sides of me in order to fit myself with this new circumstance. I have to be more mature in attitude, words, and behavior. I have to be more diligent in passing through every single day of my life. I have to be more useful in every place that I step on. Etc.

And I also aware that I don’t need to eliminate and remove my childish, adolescent or another characteristic completely, I think that I still need this kind of stuffs in certain time and spot. All I have to do is empowering my self-control to dominate myself with positive characteristics. Because no one perfect in this entire world. 🙂


“Oh if I could turn back time rewind, I would repair all of my faults, and avoid the foolish things that I ever did in the past.”


There are so many things, stuffs, and experiences that I went trough ‘till now. But still, there are so many things that should be changed inside myself. Becoming a better person in every single day start from this second.*** :’)

Banjarnegara, 5th June 2014.


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