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Hi G.E.O.4.8 !! Howdy ??


Hi guys!, How’s everything ?? wish you all in good circumstance.

well, it has been one and half month we’re being separated. Is it too slow ? or, Is it too fast ?. Just conclude it by yourselves, hehe.

Do you know GEO48?, recently, I miss the atmosphere when we’re in the class, althought we’re not only studying but also chatting, joking, playing, and sleeping instead. I miss the moment when we’re in tamia’s,resty’s,melda’s,anita’s flat due to an emergency JARKOM or on behalf of usual gathering (especially when this flat provide much snacks and cookies, I do like it so much.hhaha). I miss the ambience of earthquake observation on duty, moreover for boys, its not about night earthquake observation only but also lodging in the Lab xD. and Do you know GEO48? its coming from my deep inside of my heart, honestly, I don’t miss the atmosphere when we’re in the field, it hurts.Lol xD You_Know_What_I_Mean).

At the time, we’re in our own way executing a duty of our study. we’re being separated for seven months more approximately. Seven Months?. Its short enough, though.

Here, I’m just able to send my pray for you all. May you always be hale and healthy. For those who suffering illness, May God get you well soon. May God always ease us in everything. And The Important One , MAY OUR “SK” COULD BE LEGITIMATED IMMEDIATELY !!! (AMIN 1001X).  Until We Meet Again GEO48!!! 🙂


Don’t Wait !!! ( Another Night Twaddle on travel to February )


Living within journey, that’s just what I thought tonight. Living in this earth was just a kinda journey. A mysterious journey. Ya, its a mystery. You’ll never gonna know what would you found one day after or even one minute after. Is it a delighted event would happen ?, or just the opposite. Sometimes it was Happy and sometimes it was misery. We just can do endeavor and pray instead for taking heed.

At the moment, we’re going to enter the 2nd month of 2014 : February. Damn! it was so so so fast, though. If I look back to the past month, i have done nothing on January. Many target haven’t been reached yet. Oh my goodness, I wish I could control the time and turning it back.Huft. Nevertheless, the life opera’s keep rolling ahead I still have another chance to recover and repair the torts. Obviously in February.

By the way, in other hand, I’m going to share a little empty talk which so so so NOT important. This is just my empty talk in this cold rainy night. Just neglect and pretend to be blank about this. LoL xD

—–Wait! Don’t Wait—–

  1. Don’t wait you happy then you smile, but you should smile then you happy.
  2. Don’t wait you got wealthy then you do voluntary charity, but you should give charities then you’re having abundance.
  3. Don’t wait you’re motivated then you move, but you should move then you’ll be motivated.
  4. Don’t wait you’re cared by others then you care about others, but you should care about others then you’ll get attention from others.
  5. Don’t wait the others comprehend you then you get to know others, but you need to understand others then others know about you.
  6. Don’t wait you’re inspired then you start to write, but you should do write then you’ll be inspired.
  7. Don’t wait a new project then you work, but you should work then projects are waiting for you.
  8. Don’t wait you’re beloved then you loving others, but you should learn to love others then you’ll beloved.
  9. Don’t wait you have a bank of money then you live peacefully, but you should live peacefully and believe that not only money you got, but a millions of blessing instead.
  10. Don’t wait a new pattern then you move to follow it, but you sould go make a new pattern then you’ll be followed.
  11. Dont wait you have reached your success then you thank God, but you should always thank God then God would increase your succes.
  12. Dont wait you’re able to do something then you do it, but you should do it then you’re able certainly.

I wish all the best for February, I should be better then. Never too late to do a good thing. #Pray!


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